April 2023 Services

April 2nd, 10:45 a.m. – Rev. Kenton Stone (via Zoom) – “Renegade Role Models”

One of the consistently exciting features of being engaged with UUism for me is that throughout its history UU thought upholds the heretic against the orthodox, the free thinker against the conventional. The latest expression of that to me nationally in US culture is the book “Renegades” that collected conversations on where they stand on today’s issues between former President Obama and musical superstar Bruce Springsteen. Pres. Obama is a member of the UCC, the church in which I was ordained, and Springsteen was married in a UU church. Their far-ranging deep reflections on this moment and their hopes for the future are guideposts for all religious progressives today.

April 9th, 10:45 a.m. – Bob Clegg – “The Interconnected Web of AI, Ethics, and Human Dignity”

“Artificial intelligence has been all the rage in the news lately. Examples range from ChatGPT to medical diagnostics to environmental sustainability. Reactions in the press and among everyday people run the gamut from gushing exuberance to apocalyptic fear. As responsible UUs, let us explore the ethical and practical implications of artificial intelligence, to ready ourselves to make informed decisions about how to use (or not use!) AI consistently with our UU principles. And to make it fun: In preparation for this service, if you feel led, go online for a few minutes, and experiment—with an open mind—with ChatGPT (just google it!).”

April 16th, 10:45 a.m. – Lora Powell Haney – “Rethinking Resistance”

When we think of resistance, often the image includes straining, protesting, and/or confrontation. What if we resist differently? We’ll shift our perspective by lifting up the work of three thought leaders,
–women of color–who are embracing self-love, rest, and joy as acts of resistance.

April 23rd, 10:45 a.m. – Earth Day – Program Committee

We will share the joy of the environment around us and raise concerns for the future of the earth. Let Kathy know if you have a reading or poem that expresses our appreciation for the earth.

April 30th, 10:45 a.m. – JD Stillwater – “Emergence”

Eggs and seeds are quintessential symbols of birth and spring, but did you ever really contemplate the magic that hides inside them? The new science of emergence is like 1+1 = poetry; it’s magic, but also rigorous science, and spring is full of this magical unfolding. The secret (shhh…) is that we are that magic, too. Come learn and celebrate the magic of emergence, literally emerging from the soil each spring.

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