March 2023 Services

March 5th, 10:45 a.m. 

Rev. Kimberley Debus – “A Sense of Beauty”

What does it mean to have a sense of beauty in a time when all feels ugly? How does this help us strengthen our spiritual selves and our sense of call in the world?

Rev. Kimberley Debus is a community minister based in Takoma Park, Maryland, inspiring an artful and art-filled faith. She consults with congregations and religious professionals throughout the denomination. She is joyfully affiliated with the Unitarian Church of Lincoln, Nebraska, and has previously served at the Church of the Larger Fellowship as well as congregations on Long Island and Key West.

March 12th, 10:45 a.m.

JD Stillwater – “Complementarity: Quantum Physics and the End of Dogma”

Do you despise the question: “What do you believe?” JD Stillwater gets real about his own personal beliefs, and discovers a scientific approach towards a New Agnosticism, one that fully embraces the mysteries and ambiguities inherent in natural reality. Along the way we meet a cryptic cat, a famous psychic, a woman with a problem, and a religious organization for atheists.

The exclamation “Poppycock!” also makes a cameo appearance.

Plan to stay after the service for an open discussion with JD about quantum complementarity and its implications for an inclusive life.

March 19th, 10:45 a.m.
Steve Buckingham – “Conscience and Democracy
(the UU 5th Principle)”

Our 5th UU Principle states that we “affirm and promote the right of conscience and the use of the democratic process within our congregations and in society at large.” However, this involves a long-standing tension between democracy and liberty, with both conservatives and liberals expressing strongly held libertarian beliefs, while claiming to represent the “voice of the people” – a democratic concept. How do we reconcile building a consensual, Beloved Community while preserving the right to individual conscience?

Steve Buckingham was raised as a UU in Atlanta and the Main Line Church outside of Philadelphia. He helped found the Unitarian Universalist Legislative Ministry of Maryland 2005 and has served as its Chair, and is now its Advocacy Lead and has led its “UU the Vote” efforts in the last two elections. He has also served as President of a UU Congregation and is currently on the Leadership Team of the national Coalition of UU State Action Networks (CUUSAN). Steve is an attorney, a community activist, and a political activist since the 1960s. He lobbied professionally in Annapolis for nonprofit healthcare and social organizations for twenty years. A member of the UU Society for Community Ministries, he is recognized as a lay minister for his work with the UU Legislative Ministry of Maryland and provides worship services related to social justice and advocacy training throughout the State.

March 26th, 10:45 a.m. 

Rev. Paul Britner – “Sources of our Faith”

Unitarian Universalism’s seven sources express our fundamental belief that no religion has a monopoly on truth, and that all claims of faith are subject to critical inquiry. This sermon topic explores how we may use those sources, though common to us all, to guide us on our own personal spiritual path.

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