For the 2022-2023 church year, services will be both in-person and virtual (hybrid). Sundays at 10:45 AM. See you in-person or on Zoom.

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Some Guidance for In-Person Service

A. Masks – The wearing of masks will be optional within the worship space. There will be signage at all church entrances asking that if the attendee is not vaccinated, that they should wear a mask during the service. Masks will be provided at the front door of the church.
B. Social Distancing – The practice of social distancing will be observed in the worship space. A minimum of 3 feet will be adhere to between Sunday service attendees. Family units are excluded from this obligation. The pews will be marked for appropriate distancing between the attendees.
C. Vaccine Status – A Sunday service participant’s vaccine status will not be inquired of. As mentioned above, the Board will ask any member, friend, or guest, that is attending and has not been vaccinated, to please wear a mask for the safety of that individual and the rest of the group attending the service. One’s vaccine status is protected under the rules of HIPAA.
D. Attendance – Someone will be keeping track of who attends a Sunday service in person. We will also collect the contact information of any first-time guests of the service. This information will only be used if it is determined that the potential for virus transmission may have taken place on a given Sunday and then all worshipers will be notified of this development.
E. Closeness Comfort – Sunday service attendees will be provided with name tags (first name only) and color dots. There will be red, yellow, and green dots. Red dot will indicate that the wearer wants to always maintain social distancing, thus no touching or any other type of physical greeting is desired. Yellow dot signifies that the wearer needs to be verbally asked as to whether any touching or closeness is permitted. Green dot will specify the wearer is OK with close body contact and touching. The color dot color can be changed from week to week depending on the wearer’s closeness comfort level.
F. Hymn Singing – At this time, the congregation will refrain from group singing as this activity can be a highly transmissible event. We can have soloists, music videos and other sources of music. We can also have instrumental performances.
G. Cleaning Communal Tools of Worship – Because of the fact that we are putting on a hybrid service, the microphone will be a key tool during worship. During segments of the service where worshippers’ participation is desired, such as Joy & Concern and Feedback on the Speaker’s Message, the microphone will be used so all can hear what is said. After each use of the microphone, it will be cleaned with a sanitized wipe.
H. Coffee Hour – At this point in time, UUFGC will not be having an organized social time after the Sunday service. Also, there will be no coffee or any other beverage or food available for consumption. If you so desire, you are welcome to bring any beverage and or snacks for self-consumption.

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