September, 2021

Return to In-Person Services! See you on September 12!

September 12th, Rev. Terry Ellen will present the topic of “Balance”

In these stressful times, which demand so much of us both in keeping our spirits robust and in being of service to all the needs around us, we face a full-on challenge to find a balance in our living. The journey inward and the journey outward are both essential, and both need the other to be full-hearted for us to be worthy in such a time.

Sept. 19th Water Service, at 10:45 a.m.

We will welcome one another to share the traditional ingathering water service. The service will include readings and meditation led by the program committee. All are invited to bring a sample of water from home (whether it is from your travels, the faucet, rain water, melted ice cubes whatever helps to convey your summer experience or emotions)

September 26th, JD Stillwater will speak about “Defining Enough”

Failure to define “enough” means never being satisfied. It makes us vulnerable to slick advertising, and fills our lives with tedium and chaos. It deflects our focus from sources of true happiness, like play, family, relationships, community. Ultimately, it also leads to the desecration of Earth’s living systems. Defining “enough” is a spiritual practice.

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