September Newsletter


Sunday, Sept. 8th    (10:45 a.m.)

Ingathering Water Service   

Welcome back from the summer hiatus !!! 

The service will celebrate gathering again in fellowship.  We will share the traditional water service focusing on the meaning of water in our lives.  All are invited to bring a small container of water gathered or representing a place you spent time this summer:  from a local lake or stream, from travels, from the back yard or from the kitchen faucet. The water will be mingled in a common bowl, while you briefly explain the importance of water in your life.

Sunday, Sept. 15th  (10:45 a.m.)

Rev. Dr. Terry Ellen –  “Remembering What Is of Worth”

In times like these it is especially important to remember who we are and what we value and why.  This has always been at the heart of Unitarian Universalism, and it shines strong and bright today.  It will be so good to be together again.  

The collection this morning will go to the NAACP Scholarship Fund.

Sunday, Sept 22nd  (10:45 a.m.) Bob Clegg – “Reconstructing Liberal Theology”

James Luther Adams, perhaps the most important liberal theologian of the 1900s, believed in “voluntary associations” as the cornerstone of democracy.  Those ideas arose from his experiences in pre-war Nazi Germany, which themselves originated in small group reflections with other Unitarians. Redefining 

(September 22nd continued)

“religion,” “faith,” and “God,” Adams extended William James’ pragmatist psychology to the realm of religion in personal life, constructing a liberal theology with depth and weight.  Adam’s “inside job” as the basis of social justice is as relevant today as ever.

Sunday, Sept. 29th  (10:45 a.m.) Rev. Paul Britner –  “What Tevye Can Teach Us About Change” 

In Fiddler on the Roof, Tevye is encouraged to change by each of his three daughters until he can’t anymore. Along the way, he learns about change, and in his learning, there are lessons that may enrich our spirituality, too.

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